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Welcome to, ServiceMaster's online publication for building owners and managers. We are dedicated to providing you useful information on issues such as building repair and maintenance, pest control, landscaping, ergonomics, attracting and retaining tenants, and more.

"Green" Designs Save Money

It's nice when you can be "environmentally friendly" while putting some extra "green" in your pocket. Here's how. . .


What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

How well do you know the construction company you have contracted to work in your building? Click here to find out what you should know before you make your decision.



New Standard for Conducting Property Condition Assessments

The American Society for Testing and Materials has published new standards. Is your building safe? Read this article to find out the details.




Maintaining Marble, Terrazzo, and Hardwood Floors

Marble, Terrazzo, and Hardwood floors add and element of richness to your commercial environment, but if you do not practice routine maintenance they can become dull and dingy. A professional, routine maintenance regimen can make all the difference.

Salt – Wintertime Friend or Foe?

Salt is a tried and true agent in fighting winter slips and spills. However, the core properties of salt that make it useful in battling snow and ice are the same properties that can hurt the indoor surfaces of your business. Click here to find out more.

Space for Great Team Productivity

Team-based work settings are the present and to keep up with the warp speed mentality of today's work routines and how to create productive space, click here.


Unwanted Tenants in Your Building?

Cockroaches can be a real problem for any home or business, but especially so in apartments, extended care facilities, and any building where food is processed, prepared or served. This five-step system can help move them out – for good.


Hard-Floor Care trends

Trends in floor care can help save money and time as housekeeping issues seem to grow more and more complex and expensive.


Is Yours a Sound Structure?

We all face aging, even our building construction. This problem is a serious one and learn about the issues faced when inevitable deterioration takes place.



Before Purchasing Commercial Carpet, There are Three Important Components You Should Consider

There is more to buying commercial carpet than just the way it looks. With the amount of traffic a commercial facility is exposed to, durability, maintenance, and installation should be taken into consideration as well.



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